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"There are many twists and turns in any life journey. I am grateful to be blessed with my speaking engagements, opportunities to meet new friends, and as good old Willie Nelson puts it, to be "On the road again!" Periodically, I am moved to write about an experience or insight. I have shared a few of my favorite blog posts below. Enjoy, dear friends. And find the words written just for you."

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That First Step

Thursday, February 18, 2016 • Mary Ellen Ziliak • Prayer
Mary Ellen asks, "Are we a step in answering our own prayer?"

That First Step

I love the synchronicity of reading a meditation on the exact day I have need of encouragement. The moment of recognition lifts my soul to flight. That's exactly what happened today as I sipped my first cup of java and read The Word Among Us.

When speaking to my audience, I often share my simple twofold approach to living my life well: setting a daily goal and listening closely to what God puts upon my heart. There is no filter for my heart. I open it as best I can and listen closely to whatever puts it aflutter. The power of today's readings and scripture prompted me to read them several times while my heart pulsed loudly.

In prayer, we often beg for God's intercession. But do we then ask what action we are to take as part of the answer to the prayer? Think about it. We focus so intently on having "prayers answered" that we forget we may be part of the answer. I believe sometimes we get empowered to be an answer to our own prayers or better yet, to someone else's.

With my simplistic approach to life this phenomenon happens frequently. I have set some crazy goals in the past, like writing a book. I did not know for sure a book would be written, but I did know the moment I was inspired to put pen to paper. And that first step of picking up the pen was all I needed to do in the moment. I believed if a second sentence, second chapter, second book was destined to emerge, I'd be given the grace and knowledge to make it happen.

Now, I don't proclaim to be any expert when it comes to my faith life or prayer, but I am slowly getting better hearing what is put upon my heart and taking a first step.  A first step is always doable. Heck, it might even be a miniscule baby step, but it's doable. I believe strength will come if I'm meant to take a second step.

So, there you have it folks. I have followed my heart and written 379 words to share with you. Glean what you will and before day's end may your heart find its own flutter.

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YOU deliver hope to so many hearts, Ethel...just keep on a'flutterin' your wings.
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