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Everyone has a life challenge, a red door.
What's yours?


Mary Ellen Ziliak, RN, MSCS


"There are many twists and turns in any life journey. I am grateful to be blessed with my speaking engagements, opportunities to meet new friends, and as good old Willie Nelson puts it, to be "On the road again!" Periodically, I am moved to write about an experience or insight. I have shared a few of my favorite blog posts below. Enjoy, dear friends. And find the words written just for you."

Blog Posts:

Ever Present

Saturday, July 04, 2015 • • Faith
Ever Presesnt

This very dark mixed media painting of mine, "Ever Present," was on display at a local Olive Tree art show. At the exhibit one teenage boy stood anchored and distant before the canvas. As he turned and slowly walked away we had the briefest of conversations. It concluded with my belief this young man understood the message I must have had held in my heart when I feverishly painted the canvas to share some unknown with the world. This is what I gleaned with the help of a passing young stranger:

"In our darkest moments, when we face our biggest challenges, it is easy to feel alone and abandoned by everyone. We stumble in the darkness; we grapple to find our way. The hissing red serpent remains steadfast, nipping at our heels. We must breath, quiet ourselves, and allow the eyes of our soul to see the sunlight nudging through the storm clouds, illuminating the glimmer of His hope, ever present."

Peace, joy and adventure friends,
Mary Ellen


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"We all have a Red Door. What's yours?"

"Face it, embrace it, and live your life well!"

"If God puts it on my heart, I go for it. I don't think things to death anymore."

"I set one main goal a day. If I meet that one goal, I've had a successful day and purpose in my life."


Mary Ellen

"Open your Red Door!"

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